Listening to Audiobooks – Reading on the go!

One of the many benefits of recording sound is making books available for listening. With the growing popularity of digital mediums, many people are now able to listen to ebooks and literary classics. Audiobooks are books read aloud & recorded for listening to players. As the sound technology has changed, audiobooks have also changed. No longer are the books available only on-volumes which consist of cassettes, 14 or/and 15 vinyl-LPs, they are now available on CDs as well.

Audiobooks were initially created for use by those who are visually impaired. They were and still are being produced in some formats, & some may need certain special players to be used. CD technology has greatly revolutionized the audiobook industry since the data can be easily compressed to fit more information on one disc.

Audiobooks are now popular with many travelers and many busy individuals. Thousands of titles are readily available in hundreds of categories. A traveler can just pop in a cassette or a CD and get to listen as the audiobook is read. These books are quite popular on long-commutes and the trains or the airplanes.

Many audiobooks also feature some famous actors reading the books. Some of the books are even read-in a play format, where different actors can take different parts of different characters in a book. They can also feature various sound effects to help in enhancing the listening experience.

Audio books may be used to:

  • Introduce the students to the books that are above their reading-level
  • Model a good interpretive reading
  • Teach on critical listening
  • Highlight humor in books
  • Introduce new genres which students may not otherwise consider
  • Introduce new vocabulary and difficult proper-names or locales
  • Sidestep the unfamiliar dialects or/and accents, Old English, & old-fashioned literary styles
  • Provide a read aloud model
  • Provide a bridge-to important topic of discussion for the parents and the children who may listen together while commuting to events, during music lessons, or during vacation.
  • Recapture the essence & the delights of hearing stories being beautifully told by the extraordinarily-talented storytellers

Audiobooks may be exact word for word version of the book or maybe a shortened recording. In digital music, audiobooks are generally downloaded the same way as most other digital files like albums or songs, but they can also be easily listened to, through broadcasts (that is, streaming audio). They’re generally purchased from the online music stores. However, they can also be easily downloaded from various other sources.

Common Digital Audiobooks Formats:

When you download or purchase audio books from the net, they’re usually in 1 of the following audio formats:

  • MP3
  • WMA (that is, Windows Media Audio)
  • AAC (that is, Advanced Audio Coding)

Audiobooks can be used-on a variety of electronic devices which include:

  • MP3 players
  • PMPs
  • Smartphones and cellphones
  • Internet tablet devices (like iPads)
  • Home stereos

The Fault in Our Stars – A Brief Overview of the Audio Book

The Fault in Our Stars is genuine romance – a touching love story between two teenagers, Gus and Hazel, both sick with cancer.

Written by author John Green, The Fault in Our Stars Audiobook has fast grown in popularity and it has now been made into a hit movie. The plot is summarized as follow. Hazel has had cancer since she was a child. She knows she can die anytime. She is very weak – so debilitated by her disease that she has to be home-schooled. She has to lug an oxygen tank around with her everywhere. Stifled by a bleak future, Hazel’s world revolves around her small family – her parents and herself. This changes when she meets Gus in a cancer support group which her mother persuades her to attend.

Gus is a cancer survivor. He has a prosthetic leg. His view of the world, however, seems unhampered by his condition. Physically attractive, he is even more so because of his charm and enthusiasm. He takes an interest in Hazel. Although Hazel initially tries to thwart his efforts at friendship, she succumbs to his charms.

They share a love for books. With him, Hazel can discuss her all-time favorite – An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. She tells him how disappointed she is that the story seems to end so abruptly – without any clear indication as to what happens to the story’s protagonists.

Gus is filled with a romantic desire to fulfill Hazel’s wish to find out how the story ends. He sets up a meeting with the story’s author – in Amsterdam, no less. The stars seem to work in Hazel and Gus’ favor. Everything works out. And the two find themselves in Amsterdam.

The meeting with the author turns out to be a complete disaster. He is an alcoholic, cynical and mean. Hazel leaves the place disillusioned with her favourite hero.
The trip, however, helps Hazel and Gus become more intimate with each other – both on the physical and emotional levels. They return to Indianapolis more in love with each other than ever.

In a startling turn of events, however, Gus finds out that his cancer has returned. He dies, leaving Hazel bent with pain. Her pain, however, eases when she finds out that Gus has left her a letter – a eulogy of sorts, telling her how much he loves her, and leaving her with the wish that she is happy with the choices she has made.
Hazel acknowledges that she, indeed, is.

An increasing number of fans continue to fall in love with Hazel and Gus’ romance. The story is now available in digital formats for fans more inclined to savor the story in this manner. Its audiobook format, in particular, continues to be very well-received.

A Diverse World in the Divergent Audiobook

Author Veronica Ruth created a society engulfed in disarray in her futuristic novel Divergent. This is the first of three books of Ruth touching on the same theme and first came out in 2011. The novel is also currently available in audiobook format aptly entitled the Divergent Audiobook.

The second in the Divergent trilogy books is entitled Insurgent with a release date set over two years ago. The third, meanwhile, was made available in the market late last year under the title Allegiant. Just like the Divergent Audiobook, followers of the Divergent book series are expecting Insurgent and Allegiant to have their respective audiobook versions.

Divergent focuses on the life of Beatrice Prior in the city of Chicago after the apocalypse. In her new world, Beatrice grew up with five different factions existing, each one known for adopting one positive value. These include Candor or the honest faction, Erudite or the intelligent faction, Abnegation or the selfless party, Amity or the peaceful party, and the Dauntless or the strong faction.

In an annual rite known as the Choosing Ceremony, every teenager 16 years old and above are required to choose a faction where they will eventually belong in. With Beatrice, she ended up with the Dauntless faction, although her tests reveal that she also possesses the values of the Abnegation and the Erudite factions. For this, she has been classified as a Divergent, a secret that she has been instructed not to tell to anyone.

The novel has mainly appeared in the young adult population primarily because it tackled several issues common to this particular age range. These include adult authority, the significance of social structures, and adolescence to adulthood transition, among others.

Given this and the preoccupation of the present generation for audio devices, it comes as no great surprise that an audiobook version of the novel, the Divergent Audiobook, is quickly gaining popularity. The same thing is expected to happen once the second and third sequels have been completed in their audio versions.

The Many Shades of Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is one of three novels written by English writer E.L. James. Fifty Shades Darker is the second installment while Fifty Shades Freed is the third. The first of the three books came out in 2011 with the last two following suit a year later.

Tagged as a novel under the erotic romance category, 50 Shades of Grey PDF tells the story of Anastasia Steele, a senior college student, and Christian Grey, a young and wealthy businessman and their intense relationship. Despite the graphic nature of the material, the novel has been read in 52 different languages and has been cited as among the greatest-selling books in the history of the paperback. To date, more than a hundred million Fifty Shades copies have been sold, with the novel topping the best-seller list in many different countries. These include the USA and the UK.

The immense popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey has gotten many book critics surprised especially since most of the reviews made concluded that literarily speaking, the quality of this particular E.L. James work is inferior. Still, the novel appears to have stirred a subject that many people are still awkward with – what goes on in the bedroom, and not just plain encounters, but hard, intense and passionate, one that borders on the deviation.

In the US, experts believe that Fifty Shades has revealed that side of Americans that they still have difficulties dealing with. Despite the image of being liberalists, many people, notably Americans, always find this topic and everything related to it as taboo and should only be discussed privately between the two parties involved.

The author, Erika Lenard Mitchell who used EL James as her pen name, expressed shock upon hearing of the enormous success that her 2011 masterpiece has created. She admitted, though, that the book was the totality of all her fantasies, serving as the perfect outlet during her midlife crisis.

Not too many people are perhaps aware of this, but Fifty Shades of Grey was initially successful when it originally came out in e-book format. EL James worked on the e-book herself, mainly through self-publication, with the material eventually gaining the needed popularity.

Best Selling Young Adult Fiction – The Hunger Games Trilogy Audiobook

The Hunger Games have become a big hit and has already released two movies, and another two to end the series in the next couple of years. The book’s popularity has reached fever pitch not just in America, but the rest of the world as well. The themes of the book have touched on several social issues such as inequality, oppression by a ruling class, reality TV, and poverty among other things. The book is also popular because of the love triangle of the three main characters.

The Hunger Games Trilogy

The trilogy is comprised of The Hunger Games Audiobook, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. The trilogy is based on a dystopian future and on a nation called Panem. The Capitol is the head of twelve poorer districts. As punishment for a past rebellion, The Capitol started the Hunger Games wherein children between 12 to 18 years old must go on a battle to the death. Katniss Everdeen was not initially chosen as the tribute of her district, but as soon as she heard the name of her younger sister called, she volunteered to be a tribute. The plot thickens as soon as two winners were announced during the Hunger Games. The Capitol has fallen in love with the idea of lovers who were willing to sacrifice each other so that no one had to die to win the Hunger Games.

The second book follows the events of the first, this time the two winners will go on tour around the different districts. Katniss and Peeta continue to invent their romance as they pay tribute to the fallen tributes during the Hunger Games. The leader of the Capitol created an exclusive Hunger Games wherein former winners are tributes to quell an uprising that is slowly brewing in the poorer districts.

The third and final book; mockingjay audiobook culminates in the rebellion of the other districts over the Capitol. Katniss is then tasked to lead the rebellion as the symbol. A series of battles takes place and many lives lost has led to the liberation of Panem.

The audiobooks are wonderfully voiced and will excite you at every turn of each chapter. The audiobooks allow you to enjoy the Hunger Games Trilogy no matter what you are doing. You can listen to the audiobooks while cleaning your room, walking in the park, or relaxing on the beach. Every turn of the page is filled with excitement as the voice actors bring Katniss, Peeta, and Gale to life.

Download your free audiobook by visiting and hitting the offer button.

The E.L James Trilogy – Reading on the Kindle Device

Everyone has a secret, and so does Christian Grey. Beneath the calm facade of a young, billionaire CEO lie dark secrets that he has been keeping for years. However, the usually controlled demeanor of the seemingly irresistible lead of the story will experience a different kind of feeling whenever around Anastasia Steele, the beautifully innocent young woman who will fall for Christian Grey. But is she ready to discover the truth behind the captivating glances that Mr. Grey gives her?

Written by E.L. James as a spin-off from the popular Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, the fifty shades of grey audiobook is the first of three books which are currently widely famous erotic novels. Appealing especially to women, the trilogy by the British author spins around the developing romance of Anastasia Steele, a fresh college graduate, and the young and successful business magnate Christian Grey.

The word about the trilogy spread like wildfire, and women from all age brackets read the trilogy—hooked by the concepts being introduced about a different kind of relationship between two people. The popularity of the three books namely Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook, and fifty shades freed reached even higher rankings because of its accessibility through digital reading devices. Young ladies and even women from older age ranges would eagerly switch on their Kindle, smartphones, or tablets and understand every word that E.L James has written for the surprisingly unexpected amount of fans that the Grey-Steele relationship has earned.

Digital reading devices offer the chance to read this book conveniently without flipping any pages or carrying around a book. With just a few swipes and taps, the enamored fans of Fifty Shades of Grey would read it over lunch, while on the train, and just about anywhere whenever they have the time to spare to get to know what would happen to the BDSM relationship that Anastasia Steele had obtained herself in.

The trilogy begins with an addictive appeal caused by the mystery of Grey’s character, but how will their strange affair end? The unknowing Ms. Steele, as well as the readers of the trilogy, cannot seem to get enough of the dashing leading man and with every flip of the book pages or for every swipe on their mobile reading device, readers seem to want to know more about the mysterious Christian Grey and be in the very shoes of Anastasia Steele.

The Fifty Shades of Grey now has a scheduled film adaptation which is supposed to be shown in August 2014.

Audiobook Readings – The Game of Thrones Book Series

A Game of Thrones is the first installment in A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin. This international bestselling epic fantasy series has been running for 17 years now since an game of thrones audiobook was published on August 6, 1996. A year later, it was nominated for the Nebula Award and World Fantasy Award and has also received the Locus Award. It earned the #1 spot in the New York Time’s bestseller list in July 2011 and is now an ongoing TV series by HBO. The show’s producers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, are working together with author George R.R. Martin. George R.R. Martin has also gained much popularity in the past decade for his work, earning a spot in Time’s list of 100 most influential people in the world.

A Game of Thrones is known to explore various themes such as religion, politics, morality, sexuality, and violence, through the use of sophisticated characters that give life to the narrative. The story takes place in a medieval-like, fantastical world filled with magic, dragons, and creatures of evil and enigma. It revolves around the conflicts among the noble families of Westeros. One of the lords of these families, the mighty and honorable Ned Stark, seeks to pursue goodness and justice in the midst of chaos. To his dismay, his efforts uncover terrible secrets about the notorious House Lannister which begin to stir danger for him and his family. In the East of Westeros, Daenerys of House Targaryen slowly rises to power as she seeks to reclaim her family’s rightful place in King’s Landing. Meanwhile, in the midst of the mighty struggle amongst these families, darkness stirs in the North and threatens the safety of everyone in Westeros.

A Game of Thrones can be purchased in bookstores and is available both as the paperback and hardbound copies. It is also available as an ebook and other digital mediums such as the audiobook format. Experience the story through the beautiful narration of British actor Roy Dotrice. The audiobook is readily available and can be easily purchased online. The following installments of the epic fantasy series, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords audiobook, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons, are also available as hard copies, ebooks, and audiobooks. As an ongoing series, the sixth and seventh installments namely, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, are still yet to be released.

The Audio Sensation of the Fifty Shades Series

Book lovers all around the world have undoubtedly heard about the erotic novel that has sold millions of copies and has created a lot of buzz in the media – Fifty Shades of Grey. It is the first book in a trilogy by E.L James that revolves around the intensifying relationship that forms between college grad Anastasia Steele and millionaire businessman Christian Grey. The story involves a lot of explicit love scenes between the two, highlighting a lot of BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism) toys and more. The series has become widely popular and has risen to success in a short amount of time, topping bestsellers and breaking records all around the world. It is also available in audiobook format that may be downloaded from the Internet.

The first book, fifty shades of grey audiobook gives an insight into the respective lives of the characters and provides the setting for Christian and Ana’s first meeting. Due to an illness, Ana’s friend Kate, who is editor of their school paper, is unable to interview with the magnate (Christian Grey). Ana is forced to go, and the meeting between the two sets the stage for more “encounters” that eventually takes Ana into Christian’s world of contracts, NDA’s (non-disclosure agreement) and extreme wealth. Book two, 50 SHADES DARKER AUDIOBOOK, delves deeper into Christian’s life and his past. It centers on the romantic and sexual relationship that has built between them and how they struggle to work out their issues. The third and final book, Fifty Shades Freed, concludes the series.

Due to rave reviews and countless recommendations, book sales of the series continue to rise. The Fifty Shades series audiobooks are also popular with the fans and those who have yet to read the book due to busy schedules and lack of time may subscribe to audible downloads on the web. Go here for a 50 shades of grey audiobook free download today.

The Popularity of the Hunger Games – An Analysis on the Impact of Digital Media

Everyone knows Katniss Everdeen. She is also known as the Girl on Fire and the main character in the book series, Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins, an author of the said book series, won the heart of many readers and fans because of the well-told story of the trilogy. The book series consists of Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay PDF. The trilogy is written in Katniss’ point of view. It is set in a post-apocalyptic period where the 12 districts are under the control of the capitol. Hunger Games is also a combination of different genres- romance, action, dystopian, science-fiction and adventure.

The Story

The story revolves around the infamous Hunger Games where tributes from each district battle for their lives. It started when Katniss’ sister was picked in the reaping as the representative of their district. In exchange of her sister’s place, Katniss volunteered to be the girl tribute of district 12. She left district 12 to go to the capitol with her co-tribute, Peeta Mellark. They were called the star-crossed lovers. Their popularity in the capitol helped them in gaining sponsors. The first book of the series ended with a great twist. Suzanne Collins did a great job in keeping the readers on the edge of their seats. The Hunger Games is a page-turner.

Popularity in Media

The Hunger Games trilogy is indeed a work of art. Because of its popularity, it instantly caught the attention of movie producers and was later adapted in a movie. Jennifer Lawrence played the part of Katniss, while Josh Hutcherson portrayed the role of Peeta. Both did a great job in portraying their roles.

Aside from the movie adaptation, another reason why Hunger Games gained so much popularity is the availability of hunger games in digital devices. If you have a reading device such as Kindle, you can conveniently read the Hunger Games. Different gadgets such as tablets, iPads, and smartphones can also be used to read eBook files (such as the ones found on If you do not have time to read, you can listen to audio files. Since audiobook downloads are widespread, you can quickly get an audio file and listen to it even when you are driving. There is no doubt that the modern technology and the social media played a huge role in the popularity of the Hunger Games trilogy.