A Diverse World in the Divergent Audiobook

Author Veronica Ruth created a society engulfed in disarray in her futuristic novel Divergent. This is the first of three books of Ruth touching on the same theme and first came out in 2011. The novel is also currently available in audiobook format aptly entitled the Divergent Audiobook.

The second in the Divergent trilogy books is entitled Insurgent with a release date set over two years ago. The third, meanwhile, was made available in the market late last year under the title Allegiant. Just like the Divergent Audiobook, followers of the Divergent book series are expecting Insurgent and Allegiant to have their respective audiobook versions.

Divergent focuses on the life of Beatrice Prior in the city of Chicago after the apocalypse. In her new world, Beatrice grew up with five different factions existing, each one known for adopting one positive value. These include Candor or the honest faction, Erudite or the intelligent faction, Abnegation or the selfless party, Amity or the peaceful party, and the Dauntless or the strong faction.

In an annual rite known as the Choosing Ceremony, every teenager 16 years old and above are required to choose a faction where they will eventually belong in. With Beatrice, she ended up with the Dauntless faction, although her tests reveal that she also possesses the values of the Abnegation and the Erudite factions. For this, she has been classified as a Divergent, a secret that she has been instructed not to tell to anyone.

The novel has mainly appeared in the young adult population primarily because it tackled several issues common to this particular age range. These include adult authority, the significance of social structures, and adolescence to adulthood transition, among others.

Given this and the preoccupation of the present generation for audio devices, it comes as no great surprise that an audiobook version of the novel, the Divergent Audiobook, is quickly gaining popularity. The same thing is expected to happen once the second and third sequels have been completed in their audio versions.