Listening to Audiobooks – Reading on the go!

One of the many benefits of recording sound is making books available-for listening. With the growing popularity of digital mediums, many people are now able to listen to ebooks and literary classics. Audiobooks are basically books read aloud & recorded for listening on players. As the sound technology has-changed, audiobooks have also changed. No longer are the books available only on-volumes which consist of cassettes, 14 or/and 15 vinyl-LPs, they are now available on CDs as well.

Audiobooks were initially created for use by those who are visually impaired. They were and still are being produced in a number of formats, & some may need certain special players to be used. CD technology has greatly revolutionized the audio book industry, since the data can be easily compressed to fit more information on one disc.

Audiobooks are now popular with many travelers and many busy individuals. Thousands-of titles are readily available in hundreds-of categories. A traveler can just pop in a cassette or a CD and get to listen as the audiobook is read. These books are quite popular on long-commutes and on the trains or the airplanes..

Many audiobooks also feature some famous actors reading-the books. Some of the books are even read-in a play format, where different actors can take different parts of different characters in a book. They can also feature various sound effects to help in enhancing the listening experience.

Audio books may be used to:

  • Introduce the students to the books that are above their reading-level
  • Model a good interpretive reading
  • Teach on critical listening
  • Highlight humor in books
  • Introduce new genres which students may not otherwise consider
  • Introduce new vocabulary and/or difficult proper-names or locales
  • Sidestep the unfamiliar dialects or/and accents, Old English, & old fashioned literary styles
  • Provide a read aloud model
  • Provide a bridge-to important topics-of discussion for the parents and the children who may listen together whilst commuting to events, during music lessons, or during vacation.
  • Recapture the essence & the delights-of hearing stories being beautifully told by the extraordinarily-talented storytellers

Audio books may be exact word for word version of the book or may be a shortened recording. In digital-music, audio books are generally downloaded the same way-as most other digital files like albums or songs, but they can also be easily listened to, through broadcasts (that is, streaming audio). They’re generally purchased from the online music stores, however, they can also be easily downloaded from various other sources.

Common Digital Audiobooks Formats:

When you download or purchase audio books from the net, they’re usually in 1 of the following audio-formats:

  • MP3
  • WMA (that is, Windows Media Audio)
  • AAC (that is, Advanced Audio Coding)

Audiobooks can be used-on a variety of electronic devices which include:

  • MP3 players
  • PMPs
  • Smartphones and cellphones
  • Internet tablet devices (like iPads)
  • Home stereos